How To Hack A Wifi Without Any Tool?

Many of us come across situations in our office or work place, where we are given a laptop connected to the WiFi network directly or by LAN. But the IT personnel don’t give the password directly to you so that you are restricted to use the internet on the laptop itself and not on your mobile phones.

Today I am going to tell you the method to get a WiFi password without using any software or application.

Get Wifi Password

# First in the laptop, left click on the WiFi icon

# Then right click on the network to which the laptop is connected

# There options will be displayed :

a. Disconnect

b. Status

c. Properties

# Click on Properties and the password is stored in “Network security key

# Click on Show Characters.

Hurray .. You got the password..!!

WPS Push Button : Alternate Method

Every router has a reset button. The same button can be used as Wps Push button.

With WPS enabled router this trick always work.

How this method works?

If you have physical access to any router then it takes hardly 25-30 seconds to connect to a WiFi network.

# You first need to be prepared by going to  “Wifi Settings” in your mobile

# Then go to “Advanced” option then there will be an option named as “WPS push button

# Next just need to click the reset button for 1-2 seconds (not more than that otherwise it will reset the router)

# Now immediately click the Wps push buttonoption in your mobile phone.

The WiFi will automatically connect itself without the password.


Protecting Passwords

As you most of you know, there are many ways hacking into systems! Building strong passwords, is therefore critical to stay safe. 


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