Mostly we are been  restricted from taking some actions on our mobile devices and tabs, so we end up rooting it in order to gain complete access of our devices ..there isn’t ‘any stopping us’ ..but one major reason why developers restrict us from accessing some parts of our devices , is mainly to SECURE our devices from attacks …and since we are ready to go the extra mile ……these are some ways on   How to Secure Your Rooted Android Devices

1- Install Antiviruses
The antiviruses can be a smarter way to secure your rooted Android devices. Since, it can be proven helpful to secure your rooted Android devices. You may use any of famous Antivirus on your device to block different kind of malwares, viruses and threats. So, it is the prime thing that you must install antivirus on your Android device which is rooted in order to be on the safe side.

2- Don’t Install Unauthorized Apps

This is the main reason of which mostly Android users root their device, to install third-party apps. However, we’ll advice you here, that don’t install unauthorized apps. Some, third-party apps could bring some malware along with it too. So, it is always recommended that not to install or download unauthorized app, as it could give you pleasure for sometime, but can harm your device very badly.The unauthorized app can be detected as the publishers are kept hidden from the users, you may read reviews about the app, you may ask your other mates about the performance of such app, and many more traditional ways to check the authenticity of any app.

3- Avoid Tapping Anonymous Links

This is another method which we’ve estimated that could cause a security lapse for your Android Smartphone or tablet. Since, you may see different links in the form of ads or mails then don’t click on them. Since, this may lead to any serious security lapse for you device. That is the reason that, we have asked you to avoid tapping on Anonymous links on your rooted Android device, as it is easy to be hacked and harmed.

4- Install Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is the basic app which is hardly required to secure the data of your Android phone from others approach. It can be also helpful to track the data of your stolen Android device. It is completely free app, so get it for your device to secure it from different attempts.
Keep Ur smartphone safe and secure


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